FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Q :In your website You write your system is 100% “safe”. What do you mean?

Ans : We mean that in our bitcoin money system nobody can cheat you: once you pay your joining fee, the system will AUTOMATICALLY generate the payments to the 10 previous members; this also will make the registration process much easier for the new members!

Q : Has the membership any expiration date?

Ans :No, it’s a lifetime membership!

Q : Do you guarantee earnings to members?

Ans : We can guarantee that the system will 100% work and you will be paid for ALL new members your network will generate untill the 10th level, the more members you will generate, the higher your earnings will be!

Q : The potential earnings your wrote in your home page are amazing! Can I really earn 10.000.000 BTC (ten millions of Bitcoins) when my network will reach 10th level?

Ans :For Every new member you bring into the system you will earn 0,001BTC so if each member of your network will bring an average of 10 new members, yes the calculation it’s absolutely possible, it’s a mathematical calculation! Remember you get money until the 10th downline of your members!

Q : Can you explain why i have to pay this money? How the website gets money?

Ans : Yes, all it’s very simple the cost to sign up in the system is 0.012 bitcoins, the 0,01btc pays your 10 upline levels (0,001 X 10 to pay your referrer and his upline network) and the remaining 0.002 pays the website management and the transaction fees to transfer the payments by , all transactions can be checked online!

Q : I lost my REFID! What can I do?

Ans : If you signed up mentioning your email, you can easily retrieve it!

Q : What should I exactly do to start to earn money?

Ans : You have just to follow those 3 steps:

  • signup (pay the 0,01 BTC fee + small transaction fee), one time fee!
  • GET your unique REFID that the system will generate for you.
  • Promote BTC Money System website with your REFID to generate new members.
  • Each member you bring you will earn 0,001 BTC lifetime, until the 10th Level of their downline!

Q : how can i open a bitcoin account and wallet?

Ans : You can open easily a bitcoin account here and to exchange in your local currencies bitcoins you can use